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Sketch of a cat's paw drawn by Carlisle Artist Cara David


Drawing of a cat's feet done by South-Central Pennsylvanian Visual Artist Cara David
Photo of Pennsylvania Visual Artist Cara David at Kings Gap State Park with dog Astro

Photo by Emily Reifsnyder, 2021

I am a visual artist from south-central Pennsylvania interested in wildlife and nature and a student at Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI. I try to create fun, expressive work and experiment with colors and mediums.  Most of my work focuses on my family, pets and love for nature but I am always eager try something new.  


                                         I always come back to my love for animals and the                                                 outdoors and I want my work to reflect that. I think that                                           the world would be a better place if people spent more                                             time outside, in the fresh air, around trees and watching                                           squirrels.  This has been a  part of my art inspiration since I started pulling animal photos out of wildlife books as a middle schooler. Over time, I have realized that all types of plants and wildlife are important and too easy to overlook.  They are one of the few parts of life that cannot be controlled or forced to follow our rules. Birds are going to fly where they want to fly, Squirrels are going scamper around and steal food. Trees are going to grow in quirky, irregular ways. They do not care about who we are or what we are doing. For me, they are what makes the outdoors so special and inspirational.


Many of the artists I find inspirational do work with similar focuses. They include Maria Sibylla Merian, Rosa Bonheur, more current artists like Ned Smith and Jill Pelto, and illustrators like Bill Peet and Roger Bradfield. 


I hope to create art that celebrates the outdoors and shows it as something that is not invisible or replaceable. I try to use bright colors and loose marks to show the fun, unpredictable version of the world I see. Being in nature makes me feel good so I want my work to give others a similar feeling and share that daring and confident feeling that being in nature gives me. I try to work in a variety of mediums including chalk, gouache, marker, different printmaking mediums, and digital programs. 

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